Marinig di Marinig Valerio S. S AGRICOLA

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Our Philosophy


The guiding principle: respect the vineyard

``Respect the vineyard: its nature, its character, its history...`` Valerio, who currently runs the winery together with his wife Michela, has set this founding principle and made it a true “philosophy”. It is a principle that Valerio never betrays or denies: the vine must be treated with the utmost care and love, because it is by starting with the vine that one arrives at “distilling”, in a wine, the essence of a territory of excellence, in this case the Colli Orientali del Friuli.


The wisdom of

Respecting the vine entails, among other things, letting the locals handle the grape harvest: that is why, when it comes to picking the bunches from the shoots, you will never see a machine, but only men and women, humans.


... bears good fruit

Quality wine is formed only from bunches chosen at the right point of ripeness, intact, and unaffected by harsh weather or parasites: to recognize them requires a professional grape picker, a capable harvester, and a human hand. Therefore, for us, the harvest is a work of high craftsmanship, and it is an essential prerequisite for successful work in the winery.


From good fruit comes good wine, passionately seeking perfection

Valerio, you know, is a perfectionist. He is the one who leads our vineyards in the Colli Orientali del Friuli, and his quest for perfection is reflected in the order and almost obsessive care he gives to every detail: the “right” height of the grass, the pruning that is impeccable from an aesthetic as well as a functional point of view, the beauty of the roses at the head of the rows... Even in the cellar, nothing is out of place, everything is arranged in rigorous harmony. This passionate care, this instinct for perfection nurtured by a taste for beauty, surely benefits the wines we produce. For Valerio, this is the result of a constant and ever-evolving search for quality in pleasantness.